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Located in Bellevue Washington we first opened in 2003. We eventually grew out of our original space and moved to our current location where we have been for the last 10 years. Briatore offers delivery and carry out. Dine-in is currently unavailable at this time.  Our menu offers a wide selection of foods from the classic pepperoni pizza to the more unique salad with truffle infused olive oil.  Beer and wine is also available for dine-in. We’re confident that most everyone will find something on the menu to enjoy. 

Join us outside

Weather permitting, we are allowing customers to dine outside. 

Hand-Stretched & home made

Our pizzas are hand stretched and cooked on stone in our deck oven. Our mozzarella is shredded fresh in our kitchen, and salads are made fresh to order. 

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A spotlight on our ingredients



origin: Bulgaria

Known for it's distinct sharp and tangy flavor, this feta is made from sheep's milk. Feta crumbles nicely and has a firm yet creamy texture.



origin: Bulgaria

Made in Bulgaria from sheep's milk. Also known as the cheddar of the balkans, this cheese has a semi-hard texture. It has a tangy and nutty flavor.

Parmesan Reggiano

Origin: Italy

A granular hard cheese which goes well with everything from pizzas to salads. It's aged for 24 months giving it a complex flavor.


Tzatziki Sauce

origin: Greece

Pronounced "tsah-see-key", this sauce is made fresh in our kitchen and is the special sauce we put on our gyros. It's a refreshing greek side dish or sauce made with yogurt, chopped cucumbers, garlic and parsley.


Pesto Sauce

origin: italy

Our pesto sauce is homemade with extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, fresh basil and garlic. Simple and delicious.

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